PUBG has become one of the world’s most competitive video games and is also one of the most successful with millions of fanatics all over the world. Due to its popularity, it was only a matter of time before it became an eSport, and now there are major PUBG tournaments that take place each year. If you are considering betting on this popular eSport, then there is something that we recommend you do first and that is read this PUBG betting guide.


How is PUBG Played?

This is a battle royale game where up to 100 players are dropped on an island that has different equipment and weapons throughout. The aim of the game is to be the last standing - it can be played individually or as a team. If you have read our Fortnite betting guide already, then you will realise that the two games are quite similar. In fact, PUBG is regularly dubbed as Fortnite for adults.

A Look at PUBG Betting

PUBG eSports betting is something that is in its infancy because the professional eSports scene is something that has not yet been fully developed. However, PUBG tournaments do happen and the best sports betting sites will provide their players with markets and odds for them.

For many people, betting on PUBG is something that is done just to add more entertainment to a match that they are watching. There is definitely nothing wrong with this approach, but if you are more serious about your PUBG betting then you are going to have to invest plenty of effort and time. If you get your strategies right, you can walk away with some very tidy profits. To be a successful PUBG bettor you need to do plenty of research, plan your different moves, and keep a journal with everything that you have learned.

As we said earlier, the best betting sites out there will offer their players plenty of markets and odds for PUBG. You aim is to try and find perfect opportunities, relying on what you know about the game as well as great betting tips from analysts who have been following the PUBG scene for a while. The key thing that you should remember when you are betting on PUBG is that this type of gambling is like poker, but there is one key difference and that is that there is no pressure on you to make a bet. This means that you can hunt for the perfect opportunities to make a profit.

You should study players and teams, follow them on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, keep up to date with when they are playing, and then use your knowledge to decide whether it is worth your while betting on them. This is a strategy that works with any eSport game.

Developing a PUBG Betting System

Even having a simple strategy is better than having none. Your betting strategy should include your assessment of teams and players, the number of bets you want to place per week or month, some type of damage control for if things do not go to plan, and how much you can afford to bet when you start a gambling session. When you are betting on PUBG, having a clear strategy is something that will allow you to make more rational bets, which will improve your chances of winning.

The Different PUBG Betting Markets

There are many different things that you can bet on when watching PUBG. For example, when loot drops into the arena you can place a bet on who you think will collect it. This is a risky bet, but the rewards for those who guess correctly are very nice. Likewise, betting on who will make the first kill is also difficult to do since there are 100 players. There are some bets that we recommend that you stick to and these include the player or team that will win the match, the player or team that will get the most kills, or the player or team that will receive the least damage.


The Best PUBG Tournaments

There are some big PUBG tournaments that place regularly, and below we have listed some of the best for you:

  • PUBG Mobile World League
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open
  • PUBG Campus Championship
  • PUBG Pro League
  • PUB Mobile World Chamionship

The Best PUBG Teams

There are a number of great PUBG teams, but these are five of the best:

  • Team Soul
  • Team Unique
  • Cloud9
  • Illuminate
  • ARG Wistaria