Counter Strike has become one of the most played eSports in the world. It was first launched in 200, and since then it has seen 8 more versions, with the main one, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) being released back in 2012. It is a multiplayer first person online shooting game, where players are split into two teams; Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. The objective of this game is that the Counter Terrorist team has to eliminate the terrorist team before they place a bomb.



There are various different weapons that you will be able to make use of to try and complete your mission, and these range from assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, and grenades. If you want to cause a lot of damage in a small radius, then you need to use a grenade. Below we take a look at the different types of grenades that are available.

Flashbang: This hand grenade will cost $200, and it is used to blind opponents for 1-1.35 seconds. You can purchase as many of these as you like in a round.

Decoy Grenade: This grenade produces a fake gunshot noise to confuse your opponents. They cost $50 and you can only use two in a round.

Smoke Grenade: This grenade will cost you $300 and produces a cloud of smoke to block your opponent’s vision. You will only be allowed to use one per round.

High-explosive Grenade: This $300 grenade, also known as a HE grenade, will cause huge damage when detonated. You will have a limit of two per round.

Flame Grenade (Incendiary Grenade and Molotov: These grenades use flames to cause a lot of damage - once they are detonated the surrounding ground is set on fire. They range in price from $200-600 and you can only use two per round.


The Different Game Categories

There are seven different categories, which we shall take a look at below:

Competitive: Two teams made up of five players each will battle it out over a period of 45 minutes. Players have to buy armor, weapons, rescue or defuse kits, and manage their in-game money properly to improve the chances of success. The first team to win 16 rounds will win the match.

Arms Race: This is a gun-progression battle that features instant respawning and has been designed for rapid close quarter combat. When you register a kill, you will gain a new weapon and you have to work your way through the game’s different weapons. The golden knife is the final weapon and the first person to kill another player with it will win the match.

Demolition: In this game mode players take it in turns to attack and defend one bombsite in a variety of maps that have been designed to encourage fast gameplay. Players are given a weapon to start with and, just like with Arms Race, you will move through weapons when you make a kill. The more kills that you make, the better the weapon you will get which will give your team the advantage.

Wingman: Play with someone random or with a friend in this 2v2 game mode on a single bomb site map. Players can earn a Skill Group that is exclusive to Wingman and Competitive Bomb Defusal rules are in place. You have to buy armor, weapons, and defuse kits to plant a bomb or protect the bomb site.

Deathmatch: This is a fast-paced game mode that has instant respawns and was developed in a way to encourage quick engagements. Once you have spawned, you will have limited time to purchase weapons and engage your opponents. You will get a different number of points depending on how you kill your opponents and throughout the match you will have the chance to earn bonus points by making kills with certain weapons.

Casual: If you want to play some Counter-Strike but do not feel like committing yourself to a 30 round match, then the casual mode is what you are after as it allows you to drop in and out when you feel like it. In this mode you will automatically receive defusal kits and armor, and team damage will be switched off. You can use this mode to get better at the game.

Flying Scoutsman: This is an 8 versus 8 game mode where there is reduced gravity, players do not get penalized for shooting when they are moving, and there are only two different weapons that are allowed - knives and SSG 08 sniper rifles. So, take to the skies and try to eliminate all of your enemies - the team that wins 9 rounds first will win the match.